Topics: Teaching Physical Education, Coaching and Sport Instruction, and Sport M

Topics: Teaching Physical Education, Coaching and Sport Instruction, and Sport Management
You will write a 2-3-page paper on a career position in Teaching PE Careers, Coaching and Sport Instruction or Sport Management. We will lecture on those careers and discuss the employment options. You get to choose the career(s) that you want to cover. You can choose 1-2 career positions to write about. Here are the careers and the positions that you can write about:
Teaching Physical Education Careers:
Physical Education Teacher: K-12 (Adapted PE as well)
Physical Education Professors: Health, Yoga, Pilates, Exercise Science, Adapted PE, Kinesiology
Coaching and Sport Instruction Careers:
AAU/Youth Coaches
Middle School/High School Coaches
College/University Coaches
Professional Team Coaches
College/University Sport Instructors: Badminton, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, etc.
Sport Instruction Trainers: personal trainers on skill training/development
Sport Management Careers:
Event Management
Financial Management
Public Relations
Ticket Sales
Sports Information Director
Professional Team Front Office Positions: Scout, General Manager, Director of Player Personnel, International Scout, President of Basketball (Sport) Operations, etc.
Athletic Director: High School, College, University
In this assignment you will have to thoroughly cover the details of the job. Below are the topics that you will have to cover in your paper. It can be written in MLA or APA format, and you can look that up online on how to formulate that. Also, you will need to have a title, and you will need to properly cite your sources. You can include all the hyperlinks to your information on your works cited page.
To be clear, you have a 2-3-page paper of content, and then an additional “Works Cited” page that is not a part of the 2-3-page paper.
Below are the topics that you will have to cover in your paper (100 points):
Description of the job:
– Give an overall description/purpose of what the job entails
– Explain different careers of the field at various levels (private/personal business, corporation/franchise business, education careers, etc.)
Skills needed for the job:
-List the important qualities (skills) needed for the profession and each career
-Skills – outgoing, motivator, innovator, self-starter, empathy, sympathy, problem-solving, managing egos, managing emotions, positivity, providing feedback, etc.
Duties needed for the job:
-Describe the duties necessary for the profession and each career
-Duties- actual requirements of the job (preventing injuries, rehab, leading group workouts, writing detailed individual workout plans, purchasing, hiring and firing and training staff, etc.)
Education/Experience for the job:
-Describe how much education or experience is needed for the profession and each career
-Are there any certifications or examinations required? What do those certifications or examinations entail?
Salary earned in this profession:
-List the starting salary and the potential salary for the profession and each career
– List salary at all levels: private, corporation, higher education, etc.
– Median average salary
– List examples of relevant people in the career and their salaries
Employment Outlook/Pathways:
-What is the likelihood of getting a job in this field when you graduate from your studies and job projections?
-Add any great things about your field; key data, percentages, country data, geography data (south, east, north, west states)
-What are typical pathways to be a success in this field or get the position?
– Internships (how long, where, when)
-Is networking necessary? How is the interview process?
Works Cited:
-List sources used: websites, books, publications, etc.
-Use bullets or a blank line to separate the citations.
-All information need to be cited.
-List professionals you interviewed if that applies

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