Topic: Maturing the Oversight and Processes for Translation of Evidence-Based Nu

Topic: Maturing the Oversight and Processes for Translation of Evidence-Based Nurse-Led Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into Clinical Practice
A policy brief is a concise, 2-page statement identifying a specific issue in healthcare and mapping actionable policy targets for a specific health/health care problem. The policy brief will help prepare the groundwork for the next two assessments. The policy brief encourages students to first think broadly about the health outcome or health care delivery issue they are addressing in the course and then identify specific policy strategies that would be most effective in addressing it. While the assignment is short, it requires critical thinking and reasoning, literature review, and writing in concise language.
GUIDELINES: The Policy Brief should be about two pages, single line spacing, font size 11, font Times New Roman. Reflect on the issue and think carefully to be concise but informative and persuasive. Use references appropriately and effectively to document your evidence.
Specifically state the policy you are advocating. Define the problem. Describe as precisely as possible what health outcome, healthcare system delivery problem, or regulatory issue is affected by your proposed policy.
Provide the context or scope of the problem. This may involve a “root cause” analysis of what is behind the problem being as comprehensive as possible. One way is to develop a path diagram or a fishbone diagram to illustrate upstream and downstream factors affecting the policy. PowerPoint presentation software may help draw diagram(s). Questions to guide your policy development:
What is the issue in terms of the goals of the health care system: does it involve the health status of the population, satisfaction with services, and protection from financial risk?
Describe the operation of services in the healthcare system that is affected by this policy area: is it a matter of inequities, efficiency, access, quality or services or other social determinants of health? Who are the stakeholders affected by this policy area?
What evidence is available about the problem such as underlying clinical causes and approaches to working with it?
3. Make your case for the policy. State your recommendation. What are the specific things you believe the government or institutional policy could target to address the problem? What is the expected impact?
4. Write in APA format and cite sources. You may also include appendices if needed.

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