Topic Choice #2: Can the Outdoors Really Heal? For anyone who has spent signific

Topic Choice #2: Can the Outdoors Really Heal?
For anyone who has spent significant time outside enjoying nature, it can be a transformative and even a healing experience. This basic notion is foundational to the many approaches in outdoor therapy. Your job in the discussion below is to explain the philosophical underpinnings of the outdoor therapy approach, and then explain how outdoor education might be effective for clients of all ages.
Before engaging in the discussion activity, please read/view:
Andy McGeeney. (2016). With Nature in Mind: The Ecotherapy Manual for Mental Health Professionals. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
(Links to an external site.)
Chapter 1: Introduction: Entering the Forest
Chapter 2: Deeper into the Forest
Berman, D. S., & Davis-Berman, J. (2005). Positive psychology and outdoor education(Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)
[PDF, File Size 456 KB]. Journal of Experiential Education, 28(1), 17–24.
Then respond to the following questions:
Based on our reading content, please explain the key philosophical differences between eco-psychology and at least twoother approaches in outdoor therapy. Please cite the reading material in your response.
After reading the Berman article, explain how outdoor education could be used to improve the mental health of young people. Next, apply your understanding of the benefits of outdoor education to adults. How could outdoor education, for example, also benefit the adult population? Explain in detail.

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