This week should be a continuation of week 1. Now that you have selected a count

This week should be a continuation of week 1.
Now that you have selected a country and know basic socio-demographic and
socio-economic information about it, during week 2, you need to relate it to
this week’s material. In particular, we will use the United States – the
world’s largest economy – as the comparative. You compare your country to
the United States on each of the economic variables listed below.
GDP and GDP Per Capita: compare these values for
your country with those for the United States, keep the year used as close
as possible (the same year is preferred, if available), be specific about
the currency in which the numbers are expressed – you should be able to
obtain all values in US Dollars. If the values are in Purchasing
Power Parity (PPP), do note that – most likely they will be in PPP.
Using the data you collected for question 1, compare
the standard of living of your country to that of the United States
(remember that by definition, GDP Per Capita is the universal measure of
standard of living, but you may also include other variables if you wish).
What is the most recent inflation rate and does it
compare to the inflation rate for the same year in the United States?
What is the most recent rate of growth of the country
and how does it compare to the economic growth rate for the same year in
the United States?
What explains the recent economic growth, or lack of
growth in your country?
Each week your submission must be in a Word document in report
format, not in a Q&A format. So remember to use paragraphs and a report
structure to your assignment.
Expectations for the research assignments:
1) Respond to all week’s topics and sub-topics;
2) Cite (APA style) all the information presented, not just
direct quotes;
3) Reference (APA) style) the sources at the end;
4) Use proper paragraphing; and,
5) Present the information in a clear and professional fashion.
Your research paper this week should be between 250 and
350 words. Shorter submissions will be penalized. Longer assignments are
acceptable only if the extra words add substance to your report. At the
bottom of your assignment, you should include a word count (how many words
are in your post).
Structure your paper as a report in a Word
document. Do use multiple paragraphs.
You must cite all the information used in your report
and include the sources in your reference listing. Use APA format for
citations and references – see the APA Powerpoint linked below.
Remember: you should not “copy and paste”
information. Plagiarism is
penalized with a zero in the assignment the first time, and a zero in the
course the second time. Use your own words and quote only facts or
Remember to include citations to
your sources in the body of your post and to provide the references at the
end of your post. Where possible, please make the links to any web information
clickable links. Remember the references
and links must be to the article you used, not just to the web site. Be
sure to include the full URL, otherwise your link will not be clickable.
In addition to the links below, do use the web for additional useful
information. Remember that each country will have multiple web sites that
provide country specific information.
CIA World Factbook
World Bank
If you have any questions or concerns, email me.
Your submission this week must be at least 250 words long,
in order to receive full credit.
The detailed instructions are posted
above. Remember you can not change countries once you have selected
one. Citations and references are required and they must be in APA style
( Apa.pptx Apa.pptx – Alternative Formats – Click for more options).
Please post your work as a Word
document attachment.
Now click on the “Week 2 Research
Assignment” title at the top of the page.

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