This reflection paper focuses on your personal connections to the Western health

This reflection paper focuses on your personal connections to the Western healthcare system. In this case, mainstream Western healthcare systems refer to the common practice of medicine, health, and well-being in Westernized countries such as the United States.
Consider the following in your reflection paper:
How connected do you feel to mainstream Western healthcare practices and systems? How does a Western healthcare system reflect your health beliefs and values? Are there ways that the system does not correspond with your beliefs and values?
Next, consider complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices. What role, if any, does CAM play in your health practices? How do aspects of your culture shape your relationship to CAM practices? Consider aspects such as your social or religious identities and how they influence your CAM practices. Do your healthcare providers support or promote CAM? Would you feel comfortable discussing CAM practices with your healthcare providers?
You do not need to answer each of these questions, but use them as starting points for your own reflection on your relationship to Western healthcare practices and CAM.
Your paper should be no more than three pages long. Please use 1-inch margins all around, 11- point Arial font, and APA format to cite any material other than your own that you use in your paper. Successful papers incorporate personal experiences/perspectives and class materials in a way that demonstrates your reflection on and understanding of class topics. Be sure to edit your paper for spelling, grammar, proper APA citations, and writing clarity. You will be graded on the appropriateness, completeness, and thoughtfulness of your responses, as well as spelling, grammar, citations, and writing clarity.

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