This is where you will submit your final report of your Interdisciplinary Analys

This is where you will submit your final report of your Interdisciplinary Analysis. You should also submit your annotated bibliography (Links to an external site.) (links to same annotated bib guide throughout assignment—just don’t want you to miss it…or do what one student did and turn in an annotated biography!) as an attachment to this assignment. Just a reminder, information on this assignment is posted at the bottom of the home page (scroll down; click the Interdisciplinary Analysis Overview link). The Final Report is worth 100 points and the Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.) is worth 70 pts.
Also, before you begin writing review this academic writing best practices page I’ve created.
Over these last few weeks, you will be reading and analyzing the scholarly article of your choice that claims or seems to have an interdisciplinary focus and solution. For this assignment, you will submit your final report of that analysis. Your analysis of the article’s interdisciplinarity should be based on your increased understanding of interdisciplinary research gained from our textbook and our related class assignments. Below you will find a recap of the assignment posted on the course home page under the Interdisciplinary Analysis Overview link:
Identify and analyze the following elements within your chosen article:
the object of study (the central question the article attempts to answer)
all disciplines considered by the author/article
any key concepts presented in the article
any key theories cited in the article and field of origin
all research methods used and field of origin
any key thinkers cited as experts and their field of expertise
all evident key assumptions/worldviews
Evaluate the sources listed at the end of the article. Determine the variety of the publications based on their disciplinary perspectives. Does the author’s research pull from multiple disciplines? Does the author use evidence from only one perspective? Did the author rely on key thinkers from varying fields, or just one?
Identify and address what each discipline (and/or sub-disciplines) added to the conclusion reached by the author regarding the object of study. Would additional disciplines provide more insight into the problem? Were key disciplines or sub-disciplines overlooked, and if so, why are they relevant? If additional disciplines are not necessary, justify your stance.
State whether or not the solution presented in the article is truly interdisciplinary, based on what has been covered in your readings this semester. If the article is an interdisciplinary work, then defend it; if not, then explain why not. Perhaps the author actually used a multidisciplinary approach? Your job is to analyze what was presented in the article, not to give your opinion on the topic itself.
Defend your analysis with support from other scholarly sources (your own research on the topic).
Remember that you are writing an analytical report, NOT a simple informative paper. A good analysis stems from a strong understanding of the topic. Therefore, this analysis will require you to consult and cite other sources on the topic from the various disciplines. Your final report will include an annotated bibliography (Links to an external site.) containing a minimum of six (6) scholarly sources. The sources must represent at least two different disciplines, and differing points of view on the subject.
Please submit your Interdisciplinary Analysis, with the annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.), to this assignment. You should also attach a copy of the article or a link to it.
Double-spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt. (readable) font
Length: whatever it takes to sufficiently analyze your article including the elements stated above. Longer articles may produce longer reports, likewise, shorter articles may produce shorter reports. However, a two page submission is not likely to be enough to cover even the shortest article.
Include the following on the front page: your name, title of your report, and the name of the article analyzed.
Use MLA, APA, or other acceptable citation methods.
Include Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.) at the end of the report, and attach a copy of the article or link to the article.
Annoted Biography guidlines

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