this is a thesis I have for a company that makes sweets in Libya its called HW s

this is a thesis I have for a company that makes sweets in Libya its called HW sweets
it is very difficult to find information online for it dont try because you might find another company with the same name and confuses it with it.
I want you to make 2 sections one SWOT analysis and the other one is swot analysis questions
use there information to write the 2000 words
SWOT Analysis
Strengths: biggest
strength is being the market leader in this segment(high end) Location since it
is in the center of Tripoli, unique high quality cakes/products, Growth of
sales and more control on the cost reaching more profitable margin, most
liked/followed pages on social media for this segment with 400K likes on
facebook and 400K on Instagram. Unlike competitions without a website Hw sweets
company has a solid website, a strong brand image in Libya and a very high
customer satisfaction according to their Facebook reviews
Weaknesses: Presence
only in one location in Libya, working without an Enterprise-resource-planning
(ERP) system using only Microsoft excel spreadsheet for: accounting,
procurement and payroll activities. Product is for a niche market and they do
not have products for people with low-income.
Targeting a new market segment, increasing sales points(locally and
internationally) with new distribution channels and franchising the product
internationally in countries with several Libyan residents.
Threats: Political
instability and security risks, Risk of civil war, currency devaluation.
Inability to enforce the law. Changeable legislations and no barriers to entry
for competition.
analysis questions
How can we
turn the weaknesses into strengths?
To overcome
the weaknesses of the business we will have to make a market research to open
in new locations locally and internationally, also changing the system they are
using from Microsoft excel spreadsheet to the ERP system and targeting new
In our
designed solution section, we will illustrate how all of this can be done.
How can we
use the strengths to take advantage of industry or market opportunities?
we can use
their brand image to create a new segment and advertise it on social media
having high numbers of views, by that reducing the cost of marketing a new
product, use company profit for expanding the company’s operation locally and
internationally without the need of debt. The brand image would facilitate as
well franchising the business.
How can we
use strengths to reduce the impact of external threats?
company’s location chose to operate in location far away from war starting
point which reduces some risks (property damage). To reduce the risk of
inflation expanding abroad to earn income from more stable currencies, because
of their strong brand image they have loyal customers who will keep coming in
the shop even if there were new competitors in the market.
Also I attached the thesis file so you have an idea about the company and what you can add to the SWOT
let me know if you need anything else

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