This assignment will focus on organizational change and the challenges associat

This assignment will focus on
organizational change and the challenges associated with change. For
this assignment you are speaking to an audience and must create a
PowerPoint Presentation that addresses the following questions:
Discuss the positives and negatives of organizational change.
Discuss approaches managers should use with employees to get them to embrace change.
Your presentation should consist of six
slides. A seventh slide should be added for references if citations are
included in the presentation.
To complete this assignment:
Create the following PowerPoint slides. Please note that you are
not required to place any images or record any voice narration on your
A title slide.
An introduction slide that welcomes your listeners and includes what you plan to discuss on slides 3, 4, and 5.
A slide listing the potential positive impacts of organizational change.
A slide listing the potential challenges to organizational change.
A slide for approaches managers may use to help employees embrace change.
A summary slide addressing the key points of your presentation.
Include comments that you plan to say to your audience in the Notes section below each slide, beginning with your title slide.
Include a reference slide as an additional slide if you used any citations.
Ensure the total file size is no large than 9 MB to allow it to be uploaded to SafeAssign.

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