This assignment requires students to perform in the role of consultants (externa

This assignment requires students to perform in the role of consultants (external consultants) who are working for an international European or Dutch company planning to expand its operations into an emerging market/country. To this end, students need to investigate if a certain country has enough business opportunities to introduce either a specific Food and Beverage industry product(s) or product groups. The country analysis will be presented and graded by the coach at the end of block 1.
Then, in block 2, each student of a team will elaborate on the work done in block 1. This will be accomplished by doing additional desk research pertaining to a specific product or group of products. Each student will submit a final end product which will be a report based on an individual country & industry analysis, once again this will be supported by the student using their group’s findings from block 1 as well as the report writing workshops and feedback from both blocks 1 & 2.
Format: 1.15 spacing, small indentation for new paragraphs, 11- or 12-point font.
Title: Please make an informative title
Market Overview of The Food and Beverage Industry in Egypt
This part requires each student to hand in one final document, a max of 10 pages, containing and documenting on the following headings and sub-headings.
Introduction –
Country overview
1. Political trends
2. (Current) Economic situation and mid-term outlook
3. Socio-Demographic overview
4. Technology and Infrastructure
5. Environmental Trends
6. Legislation and regulations
Market Snapshot for Selected Product “X”
1. (Current) Market overview of the Product
2. Specific market entry requirements
3. Insights on commercialization
4. Sustainability challenges for EU products
5. SWOT analysis
6. Conclusions and Recommendations
List of References
Recommended Literature
Daniels, Radebaugh, & Sullivan (2018). International Business, Global edition, 16th Edition, Pearson.
Grosse (2019). Emerging Markets: Strategies for Competing in the Global Value Chain, Kogan Page, ISBN 9780749474508.
Harlaar, Ouwehand, & de Leeuw (2012). Export, A Practical guide, Noordhoff Uitgevers, 2nd edition, ISBN978-90-01-79574-0.
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