This assignment contains four short answer questions. In some cases, there is a

This assignment contains four short answer questions. In
some cases, there is a supplied list of keywords that should be used in
developing your answer. You are required to use outside sources and you must
use proper citations to show where you obtained the information.
Question 1
HIV predominantly infects T-helper cells, cells that are
responsible for coordinating B- and T-cell activity. Based on this information,
explain why HIV-infected individuals are at a very high risk for developing
microbial infections. List the causative agent (virus) and discuss its
properties. Name and briefly discuss 3 diseases that AIDS patients are more
likely to contract.(Terminology to use: opportunistic pathogens, T and B cell
purposes, CD4 cells, retrovirus, reverse transcription)
Question 2
Now that we have studied the various types of vaccines,
consider the current resurgence of diseases like the measles. How can we
convince the general public and possibly even ourselves, that immunization is a
necessary preventative measure for diseases that have serious complications? Is
there a different schedule that we should consider? Are some forms of vaccines
safer than others? Should we spread out the inoculation schedule to prevent
confusion of a young person? (Include terms such as live attenuated, killed or
inactive, subunit, toxoid, conjugate, complications of measles, risks to others
if uninoculated, risks to individuals that do get inoculated). You are
encouraged to use your text and outside sources to develop your informed
answer. Use facts and concepts.
Question 3
Construct a paragraph or two describing the
interrelationship among a bacterial pathogen, the affected host, and potential
antimicrobial drugs in the development of an appropriate antimicrobial
treatment. Pick a pathogen, suggest tests that should be performed on that
pathogen to determine the specific drugs and give reasons why they would be
appropriate. (Terminology to incorporate: narrow-spectrum, broad-spectrum, MIC,
Kirby-Bauer, therapeutic index, selective toxicity, drug mechanism)
Question 4
Conduct additional research on the use of triclosan and
other chemical agents in antimicrobial products today. Develop an opinion on
whether this process should continue, providing evidence to support your

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