These instructions indicate how to complete the Part A – argumentative essay-wri

These instructions indicate how to complete the Part A – argumentative essay-writing section of your final exam. (Note: you must also complete Part B, the IRIS exam).
You will write an academic argumentative essay on Electric Scooters (e-scooters) using only the 2 articles listed below, and your essay must address the Exam Essay Prompt Question listed below.
Please take notice of the following:
§ The topic for your final exam essay is different to the topic used in assessments 1 & 2.
§ You will write an argumentative academic essay on Electric Scooters (e-scooters). Please see the specific essay prompt question below.
§ You must address the given essay prompt question in your argumentative essay. Make sure you understand the prompt question before you begin your research.
§ You can only use the 2 given articles (below) for your argumentative essay. Do not choose your own articles. If you use the wrong articles, your marks will be compromised.
§ Please download article both articles from the Curtin Library ProQuest database. You must be logged in to OASIS in order to access ProQuest.
Here are the details of the 2 articles you must use for your argumentative essay:
Article 1
TITLE: Considering the Potential Health Impacts of Electric Scooters: An Analysis of User Reported Behaviors in Provo, Utah
AUTHORS: Jeffrey Glenn, Madeline Bluth, Mannon Christianson, Jaymie Pressley, Austin Taylor, Gregory S. Macfarlane, Robert A. Chaney
JOURNAL: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
YEAR: 2020
PAGE/S: 6344 (NOTE: there is only 1 page number referred to in the library details for this article)
Article 2
TITLE: Standing electric scooter injuries: Impact on a community
AUTHORS: Matthew Bloom, Ali Noorzad, Carol Lin, Milton Little, Ernest Y. Lee, Daniel R. Margulies, Sam S. Torbati
JOURNAL: The American Journal of Surgery
YEAR: 2021
PAGE/S: 227-232
Note: the above articles are available in ProQuest. Please download the articles through Curtin Library using the ProQuest database. Log into OASIS before looking for the 2 articles.
(Do not use any other document; you must submit your essay on the Template).
· Do not alter the formatting or delete anything on the Template.
· Upload your completed assessment to the submission point in the Final Exam link on Blackboard.
· Upload the completed essay as a Word document only. (Do not use pdf, or any other file type).
· Upload your completed essay before the deadline given on Blackboard. No late submissions will be accepted.
· Check you have uploaded the correct assessment (by going back in through the submission point), and ensure you receive a Turnitin receipt. There are no second chances.

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