** There picture attached to the Files section that has three columns that is th

** There picture attached to the Files section that has three columns that is the instructions sheet for the assignment and you will need to read the entire thing (each Column to do this paper correctly)
There will also be links attached here in the instructions as well as other important things in the file section you must read everything here in the instructions and everything in the file section to be able to do this paper correctly. This professor grades extremely hard and this paper is extremely important so be sure that you read everything, understand everything and do this paper correctly and perfectly.
** Read the confidence see in the first color do you understand the competency and what all goes into it and what it’s about
** Column 2 is practice behaviors, read and use as well as understand those practice behaviors when writing the paper.
** The third column is what you will be answering even though you use all of the columns the third one is what you answer. (Where is says your client you’ll use my field placement/agency which is the place I do my internship and they population they work with/serve as the client
** Information for my agency and the population we serve in the field sections but my “clients” Will be victims of violence, domestic violence, elderly violence, dating violence, etc… as well as sexual assault victims, childhood violence, family violence, trauma victims, etc..
Links to use when writing:
3rd Column: “ describe two primary human rights, social justice, environmental Justice issues at your client/agency population you serve experiences. Identify ways in which these issues could be alleviated and improved, and what role you could play on promoting Justice for your clients/agency population.”
Professor notes (for further elaboration):
• we’re really thinking about what this all means at the macro change level typically. But we also can thank about what it means for an individual who lives in a society where they should have access to an adequate standard of living.
• sometimes our role and social work please do help them access that. So it might involve micro change, but it can also be at the individual level.
• recognizing that due to the interconnectedness of oh the local and national and international communities, this is typically when we’re talking about human rights and social justice.
• we’re not talking about what’s happening just in one particular small area. We’re talking about how does this reflect oppression?
• how does this affect the structure of systems across systems?
• it’s not typically something that’s happening in isolation.
• ***so your goal here is to apply your understanding of social, economic, and environmental justice, to advocate for human rights at The individual insists level and engage in practices that advance social economic and environmental justice.”***
• your paper will describe primary human rights, social justice, economic were environmental justice issues that the population your agency serves experiences.
• you could of course have things from different categories here. You could talk about something from economic justice and something from environmental justice and you can connect the two or not connect them.
• identify ways and winch issues alleviated and improved and what role you could play in promoting for your clients.
• again, the focus tends to be more on macro issues here. So you are thinking about things like policy advocacy, community or state or national level, changing brought things like stigma, making resources available.
• there are a lot of ways to think about how to achieve these things ( certainly, internationally, we all have human rights agreements, United Nations has servers human rights agreements)
• read the declaration of human rights for this paper
• use the links attached for this paper
• you need to think through what your agencies clients, and population they serve are experiencing.
• there is a picture in Files that covers “ flexibility and changing priorities” read that please (as well as the context of social Justice priorities and where we are)
• *** “I encourage you to think of the assignment at a very broad level“***
• *** “again you’ll see that you don’t necessarily need peer reviewed journal articles for this particular paper, but I encourage you to go to some advocacy organization websites, and find reports on what’s going on out there in the community right now, things such as the NASW or something similar might have suggestions for how you would advance human rights and social justice for your clients.”***
• *** “ I encourage you to start to think deeper about this particular competency related to advancing human rights and social, economic and environmental justice.”***

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