The purpose of this assignment is to get you to think about how some of the cros

The purpose of this assignment is to get you to think about how some of the cross-border issues in litigation may affect the e-Discovery process. You should expect to spend as much as 5-7 hours on this assignment, including any necessary research. Your answer should include all the major themes from this week’s lecture. It’s the same guidance as for Paper 1. If you need any clarification, please contact the instructor.
After preparing your first project for your supervisor at Blue Arrow Technologies (BAT), he tells you that John Schmoe is not the only person who left and joined Just Act Magnificently (JAM). Jane Schmidt, who was working in the research and development department at BAT, moved to JAM’s research facility in Germany six months ago and the concern is that Schmidt may have taken sensitive data from BAT.
How would you go about investigating your supervisor’s concerns?
Given that Jane Schmidt is now located in Germany, what issues might you face at discovery if litigation ensues?
Consider Cross-Border data transfer issues e.g. The EU Directive and Safe Harbor.
Prepare a report that includes both a summary of actions you recommend should be undertaken to address the concerns and a summary of relevant cross-border litigation issues that the company needs to be aware of. Though this project continues from the first project do not assume the reader has read the first project. If you reference the first project, be brief. He tells you to make any reasonable suggestion for possible actions BAT can take, but your suggestions must be fact based and supported with verifiable resources. As before, your supervisor limits you seven (7 pages), double-spaced excluding your cover and references pages. The project must be compliant with APA 7th Edition and well written (you are not having a conversation with your reader).
This is a digital forensics class answer should reflect so!!

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