The Module 3 Assessment involves reviewing how resistance to change can be effec

The Module 3 Assessment involves reviewing how resistance to change can be effectively managed within an organization. A company’s competitive advantage relies on its ability to quickly adapt to changes in both the internal and external environments. Managers that are adept at guiding the change process will have the ability to shape the organizational strategy overall. However, change is often difficult for individuals, so a keen understanding of techniques available to manage resistance is necessary for any manager.
Prior to working on the assessment, consider completing the following learning activity as it will prepare you to address the assessment requirements.
Using the material from Chapter 15 of the text and your own independent research, you will develop a plan to manage resistance to change based on the scenario below.
Scenario (fictional):
You are in a leadership role as the director of product development at UTXL, a consumer products company. You are tasked by the CEO of UTXL with changing the company from a profits-only driven company to one that prides itself on producing quality products addressing customers’ preferences. The latter is a huge change, as the existing mindset of this company is to produce record profits every quarter above all else. But since UTXL’s competitors have focused on their customers, your company has begun to lose market share. As the leader of this task, you want to start by retraining the workforce to focus on product quality. However, the sales division is resisting this effort because sales bonuses are primarily based on company profits. The CEO and marketing, on the other hand, consider this change necessary for the survival of the company and want the training to start right away.
Assessment Checklist:
Review Exhibit 15.9 from your textbook.
Provide the goals for this project the CEO has tasked you with.
Based on the information provided in this scenario, draft a persuasive essay that identifies what you believe will be the four most effective ways one might manage resistance to change in implementing the new training program.
Prepare an implementation plan using the four change management methods you identified, prioritizing the steps needed to manage the resistance to change.
Explain your choice of each tactic and how it is most appropriate in this circumstance.
The paper must include an introduction and conclusion and be at least two double-spaced pages in length, using 11-point Georgia font.
Your submission must include a minimum of two references. The first being the course textbook, and the second is an article from the

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