The final assignment for this course is for you to generate a project closeout r

The final assignment for this course is for you to generate a project closeout report (PCR) for the MSI Data Center relocation scenario that has been a core element of both ITC 4760 and ITC 4780. The PCR provides documentation of the overall project performance and the closure status of the project, contracts, regulatory drivers, and fiscal condition.
The PCR serves as the main document for summarizing project objectives and the final project results. The PCR will contain the results of performance achieved, the final cost and completion date of the project, and project lessons learned.
Use the template provided as a guide, and complete each of the required sections to the best of your ability using the information presented and generated throughout both ITC 4760 and ITC 4780. Click here to access the template.
If you want to incorporate additional information, you are encouraged to use the attachments or appendices to include the additional data. Note: Italicized text in bold, which is included in the linked template, is provided as instruction and/or to show examples of what the section should contain. These are examples only. Please remove the red sections prior to submitting your assignment.
The purpose of the attached template is to provide guidance to you on what needs to be generated for this assignment, how each section of the report is to be completed, and what data needs to be provided. The PCR should be tailored based on the work produced by you when completing the course project scenario. You are allowed to use literary license to expand areas as necessary to make the report more readable or to further explain your contents.
Your written portion of the report should be a minimum of five pages in length. This report is a culmination of your work, so no outside sources are required.

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