The different types of loss There are several different types of loss, and they

The different types of loss
There are several different types of loss, and they include the death of a partner, relationship separation, the passing on of a family member, a classmate, or a colleague, the loss of a very close ally, and severe sickness of a loved one (James & Gilliland, 2017).
Five stages of Kubler-Ross Model
According to the Kubler-Ross model of bereavement, individuals going through grief experience a series of five emotions, which are anger, denial, bargaining, acceptance, and depression. The stage is denial, where an individual does not believe the diagnosis, the news they have just received, and believes it is someway mistaken and sticks to a false, desirable reality (Corr & Corr, 2020). The second stage is anger, when the individual acknowledges that he/she cannot continue being in denial. The person becomes frustrated, particularly with close individuals. The person responds with utterances such as “why me?”
Bargaining is the third stage, which has to do with the hope that the person can evade the cause of grief. In this stage, one struggles to find meaning in reaching out to other people and sharing one’s story. In a situation regarding a bad diagnosis, individuals usually negotiate for prolonged life in return for a changed lifestyle (Corr, 2018). For example, one negotiates with God to add him/her more life. The fourth stage is depression, where an individual is feeling helpless, overwhelmed, and hostile. Here, individuals live in desolation at the acknowledgment of their mortality or loss. They become silent, spend most of the time alone mourning, losing interest in activities, and refusing visitors.
The final stage is acceptance, where an individual decides to move on by exploring options and novel plans. Additionally, individuals embrace loss or the diagnosis, and their emotions start to stabilize as they agree with the reality.

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