The company is Uber Instructions Part 1 – General Information and Situational An

The company is Uber
Part 1 – General Information and Situational Analysis
Section 1 – Company Background
Describe your selected company or brand.
Tell a brief history of the company.
Summarize the core products and services the company offers.
Identify direct current competitors.
Explain why they direct competitors.
Section 2 – SWOT Analysis (Links to an external site.)
Complete a SWOT analysis.
Propose the product or service line you want to develop a marketing plan for.
Justify your proposal with a SWOT-based argument for why it warrants marketing investment.
Section 3 – Macro- and Microenvironment
Analyze at least two elements from each quadrant of Table 8.1 in the course text as the micro- and macroenvironment factors that affect the company’s overall marketing strategy.
Part 2 – The Marketing Plan
Section 1 – Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP)
Describe your segmentation approach for your proposed product/service.
Be sure to discuss these elements of the segmentation approach: demographic, geographic, behavioral, and psychographic segmentation approaches.
Provide rationale for this approach.
Describe the target audiences or markets.
Create a positioning statement.
Section 2 – The Marketing Mix
Formulate the 4Ps for your proposed product/service:
Describe your core product, extended product, and the product concept.
Explain how you plan to achieve competitive differentiation through creating customer value in four areas:
Promotion with a special focus on digital media and integrated marketing communications (IMC)
Section 3 – Global and Ethical Considerations, and Conclusion
Identify three business or sociocultural considerations in translating your marketing plan for use in a foreign market.
Discuss at least one policy/philosophy or idea regarding the company’s
corporate social responsibility (CSR),
green marketing practices, and
ethics and ethical marketing.
Conclude with a summary of your plan and why it deserves to be funded.
Helpful Tips
Use your Week 2 assignment and make sure you incorporated your instructor’s feedback and have improved your previously submitted work for Part 1 and Part 2, Section 2 (Product).
Understanding the background of the company will help you complete the SWOT analysis.
Propose a new idea to market the product or service line. Avoid writing about or proposing the current marketing strategy.
This is your idea, so use the SWOT analysis to defend it.

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