The class is for Ethnographics, My research question is “How has the gender pay

The class is for Ethnographics, My research question is “How has the gender pay gap changed over time specifically in minimum wage jobs”!!!!! You want to have the following sections to your paper. This of this as a scholarly ethnographic paper that you are writing. Remember your research question is guiding your paper. Be sure everything comes from that question and every source/data is to explain/answer that question.
Your paper should have the following sections. Be sure to have these subtitles separating out your sections
1800 – 2100 words Minimum
Name, Cielo Perez
Course, Ethnographics
Prof. Name. Jesse Allen
Date 5/13/2022
Title (relevant to your topic)
–Introduction – which explains what you are investigating. Remember these are big topics so focus in on what aspects of the topic you are investigating in the paper. Clearly explain the research question in a paragraph. (This section should be a paragraph)
Introduce the topic. Why is this important and why did you choose to research this topic? Ask the research question
-Literature Review—Before you share what you find, you want to summarize what other scholars found. This is where you use the 4 sources you have in your proposal; and organize them thematically (don’t just do a paragraph on each reading). Instead you want to use the article to answer the research question (as best you can); and that then leads into your OWN research. (This section should be anywhere from 2-4 paragraphs)
You are using 2 sources from class – this should be your theoretical foundation. Using this foundation you can talk about how the themes and concepts in these sources relate to your research question.
You are using 2 sources from outside of the class. These sources can bring new insight to the research question as you are presenting information from authors familiar with the topic
–Methods— explain how you collected your data-
(what you did with your ethnographic interview and research) In this section you will describe not only how you went about interviewing your respondents, but what information was provided in this interview. (This section should be 1-2 paragraphs)
the steps you have taken – choosing a theme, developing the research question, researching the literature and then choosing interview respondents
Your interview and the results
Analysis—You want to present your data and analyze it. This means that you want to highlight the themes in your topic with the concrete data from your ethnography. Be sure you are writing how your data answers/supports/refutes your research question. (this should be 3-6 paragraphs)
This is where you have to think critically.
What did you initially assume about this research question going into this paper?
What did the literature that you found say about this theme/topic – what themes emerged that either proved or disproved your initial assumption? How did the interviews inform you about the theme/topic?
Utilizing both the evidence from the literature and the interview, what do you now perceive about the theme/topic
Conclusion—sum up your main findings! (this should be a paragraph)
Works Cited (Both In Text and Your Works Cited page)—APA format

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