The nal research project reects your mastery of knowledge gained in this cours

The nal research project reects your mastery of knowledge gained in this course. The paper is in APA
format, and a minimum of 12 pages, not including cover and reference pages. A minimum of seven
references is required. Select a company “currently in the news” (Wall Street Journal is a great source).
The company should serve both domes*c and interna*onal markets. It is publicly traded, so it les an
annual report with SEC. Research the rm’s website, its annual report, and any recent stories in business
wri0en media. Gather informa*on about its products, rivals, markets, comprehensive capabili*es, and
compe**ve strategy. Be sure to review the grading rubrics when developing your project.
Based on text material, develop your own audit of the compe**ve capabili*es of the target company.
Namely, the set of characteris*cs of an organiza*on which facilitate the emergence and management of
market dominance and foreign expansion, and the interpreta*on of such capabili*es in the overall
strategy of the rm. The course provides the elementary outline for capability analysis, but the core of
the e6ort is for you to determine yourself the key dimensions of the rm’s compe**ve capabili*es. Use
your own audit framework to write a report on the compe**ve capability of your chosen rm. Analyze
the relevant capabili*es of the company, drawing on course text materials, formulate recommenda*ons
to maintain, develop, and/or improve the rm’s comprehensive capabili*es, and consider an ac*on plan
for the recommenda*ons.

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