Style: Chicago Manual Style Length: 4 -5 pages (content, excluding title pages o

Style: Chicago Manual Style
Length: 4 -5 pages (content, excluding title pages or works cited), double spaced (12 points)
The Assignment:
a specific text (a movie, a book, music source, story, etc.) that we
would likely understand to be familiar to us in an entertainment setting
and provide a brief, yet detailed close textual analysis of it. The
goal is to begin a conversation about that text’s larger value in how we
as a culture consume and/or understand ethical ideas. We want to get
you thinking creatively about
the way in which we understand ethical discourses outside of the
explicit context we experience them in. We want to develop and prioritize
deeper meaning, thematic, and complexities in the texts in which we
would otherwise dismiss as void of deeper conversations/meanings.
This will take an investment in understanding how small details contribute to larger ideas.
We want to use the resources available to us to create value in your
perspective, rather than reasoning or logic to a conclusion. Think of
this as beginning a conversation, rather than arguing for a conclusion
(let’s face it, 4 pages are about the length of an intro to a book
chapter). Each of these texts exists in a context to understand it
through. We want to understand these things in new ways, not repeat the
talking points around what one would expect in a review of it. Think of
this as prioritizing the illustrative qualities in communicating your
ideas. Remember that there is a moral component to everything, so
identifying what is “moral” about a text is less of the point to this.
a statement about what you think this text is saying about larger
(perhaps, ethical) ideas. Then use the details of the text you are using
to embellish that statement. Work with the nuances of the text to
create a discourse on bigger questions and ideas that we’re confronted with within our lives.
this needs to be based on the movie American Beauty and needs to be pdf editable

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