Student Name: Drag

Student Name: Dragon ID:
OM 380 – Methods Improvement
7: 75 points (must be turned in via D2L
dropbox before the due date)
Note: Before you begin
work on this assignment you should have read Chapter 9 of the text
book “Lean Production Simplified 2nd Ed by Pascal Dennis” and watched Video 2 (on Developing
Strategies to Sustain Operational Excellence).
Rockwell collins Case Study
(The video case study is posted in D2L in learning
module #7)
After watching the material (approx 45
min), answer the following questions (there is no word limit):
Q1: What objectives did Clayton Jones
(CEO) set when adopting lean for Rockwell Collins?
Q2: What did he want Lean Electronics to
Q3: What techniques did Jones’ use to
engage the Rockwell Collins employees?
Q4: What was the perceived problem that
required a change of course?
Q5: How did Rockwell Collins get their
leadership engaged?
Q6: What techniques and top level metrics
did Jones’ use to track Lean Electronics progress?
Q7: What were some of the things Rockwell
Collins did in the “new phase” of Lean Electronics to make it more effective?
Q8: How did Rockwell Collins apply Lean
Electronics to its creative processes?
Q9: What are the key messages Jones’
leaves with you regarding leadership?

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