Storyboarding is a way of graphically representing information in consecutive st

Storyboarding is a way of graphically representing information in consecutive steps that lead to a desired outcome or answer a specific question. Your assignment is to visualize how a leadership process takes place or a goal can be achieved. Then create a 10-slide storyboard using a PowerPoint presentation. I will provide the chapter reading.
Your Storyboard should inform us and provide answers to the questions that follow. For Chapter 1, we learned ways leaders on the “dark side” emerge. Research suggests three pre-conditions: a destructive leader, susceptible followers, and weak checks and balances in the organization/system. What are the steps that lead to this outcome? For this assignment, research a modern day leader you consider to be unethical, manipulative, or amoral, to learn about his or her background, development, and rise to power. What happened first to lead them down the “dark” path? What happened second? Third? And so on. Limit the number of steps to ten or under. Avoid researching extreme cases such as Hitler, Mao or Stalin, or leaders with megalomania or other mental health issues. Instead, you should choose leaders from your own country and think about the choices they made that turned them in destructive directions. What were the critical life events, the turning points, the personal influences, the social contexts, which changed leaders’ behaviors away from moral purposes? Bring in concepts from the chapters and use in-text citations in slides.

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