“Story of My Life” will be a Self-Analysis of Important Developmental Milestones

“Story of My Life” will be a Self-Analysis of Important Developmental Milestones using Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory of Human Development
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In this 2-part assignment, you will use Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory of development to analyze the impact of four significant psychological or social developmental milestones in your life, and one from an older person with whom you have a relationship. Recall from your textbook that many milestones are biological, while others are psychological or social. Examples of psycho-social turning points include the development of or changes in; self-esteem, identity, ethics, sexuality, and friendship. Important cultural events that should be considered include graduation, marriage, childbirth, employment, etc.
You must name and analyze four different dilemmas from his theory that were (or are) major turning points in your life. Three of the four must come from different stages. Include the following information:
The stage in which you met the milestone.
How Erikson conceptualized resolution of the crisis in that stage.
Describe how you resolved the conflict and with what consequence.
Discuss how each milestone might have affected (or will affect) other stages of your life.
For example, the decision to have or not have children is an important social event that can change the remaining stages of life. Remember — not all turning points have positive outcomes, so if a crisis had an adverse consequence, be sure to note that as well.
Note: Your analysis should be 1000 words.
Interview someone in your family, church or circle of friends who is in the late adulthood stage. Discuss the following information:
A developmental milestone they have faced in the late adulthood stage.
Include how they met that challenge and with what outcome.
Note: Your interview information should be 250 words.
Written Assignment Requirements
Your written assignment should use or include:
APA Style
Times New Roman — 12-point font
A Title Page
A well-developed introduction with a clearly defined thesis statement
Headings and sub-headings
A conclusion
Include page numbers
Use in-text citations
Include a reference page
Submit your document as a PDF file.
Turnitin, an integrated plagiarism tool, will be used to screen all writing assignment submissions for this course. After you have reviewed the instructions and the rubric, complete your submission using the Turnitin Tool below. For assistance using the Turnitin Tool, please reference this guide on submitting a paper through Turnitin
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This assignment is worth 150 points towards your final grade and will be graded using the Story of My Life Rubric
Download Story of My Life Rubric
. Please use the rubric as guide toward successful completion of this assignment.

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