Select one topic from each category and write a three-paragraph response to each

Select one topic from each category and write a three-paragraph response to each of the topics you selected. This should be about 250 words each.
Category 1:
Topic 1: Choose a couple of advances in the study of medicine attributed to the Greeks and compare those advances with 21st century medical practice and techniques.
Topic 2: Account for the spread of Christianity during this period and give your opinion supported by the text about how thorough or complete this conversion was. In other words did the converts all truly understand what they were “becoming”?
Category 2:
Topic 3: Account for the popularity of Buddhism in China.
Topic 4: The end of the Roman Empire in the West in 476 has long been viewed as one of the most important turning points in history. Do you agree with this idea? Why or why not?
Once you have posted, respond to a student who chose a different question than you chose from one of the sets. You only need to respond to ONE of the questions they answered. Your response should be about 150 words in length. If you disagree with the posting to which you are responding, do so in respectful manner.
Posting Instructions
To post your discussion response or reply to your classmates:
Click Reply below the discussion prompt to add your answers to the questions above. Click Reply on the post you are replying to in order to respond to your classmates. You will not be able to view your classmates’ posts to reply until you have posted your discussion response.
Type your response in the Message box.
Click Post Reply.
Original Post
Prepare written responses on your selected topic and post it as a threaded discussion by 12:00 noon E.T. on Friday. Each question requires a minimum three-paragraph response, or about 250 words.
Response Post
Responses must include the name of the person to whom you are responding. Your post must be 150 words or more. In addition to your original post to the questions, you must respond to other students’ postings by selecting a question you did not answer. This is so you will have as broad a knowledge base as possible in this class.
Read and respond to comments and questions from your peers. All posting and dialogue must be completed by 11:55 p.m. E.T. on Sunday). All postings to the course website, whether discussion questions, weekly conference, or email, should follow the rules of good Netiquette, observing professional and ethical standards. Postings will be scored, in part, on using the correct conventions of standard English. Punctuation, spelling, and clarity are important.

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