Requirements: 1.The student is required to select ONE question from the list bel

1.The student is required to select ONE question from the list below and submit a substantiated
answer of between 2000 and 3000 words. The student is also required to make a
presentation of no longer than 5 minutes on his/her answer.
2. Table of Content
a. Table of Figures (if applicable)
b. Table of Tables (if applicable)
3.[A minimum of 3 citations of scholarly sources is recommended].
1. There is no universal definition of quality. Our opinion of what makes “Good Quality”
will depend on many factors such as, but not limited to culture, availability, our relation
to the goods or services in question, peer group pressure, experiences and time.
Examine the role of how our relationship to a given product or service will affect the
way in which we appraise the quality of that particular product or service.
Give at least three examples, exclusive of any examples that may have been used in
the lectures, illustrating how different groups may evaluate the quality of the same
product differently.
2. What are business excellence models and what is their purpose? What are the
general features of business excellence models? How do American, European, and
Japanese excellence models compare to each other in terms of their structure,
features, and emphasis?
3. Research and examine the concept of “Lean Manufacturing”.
Explain this concept and give at least three examples of how a company could use the
concept of “Lean” to lower the environmental impact of their manufacturing process.
4. How can Industry 4.0 technologies change supplier quality management audits? Give
a few examples of some technologies underlying Industry 4.0 that will have
applications in auditing. Give some examples of how some of these technologies are
currently being used by organizations to enhance the quality of their supplier audits.
5. It is more difficult to ascertain the quality of services, which cannot be physically
measured, than of actual products. One way of judging the acceptance of a service to
existing and/or potential users is to actually ask them but this method is known to not
always give accurate results.
Research this topic. Why is this? What problems arise when conducting written or
verbal questionnaires?

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