Your task is to outline the way your assigned organism fulfills the 5 requirements of infection. This should include specific mechanisms, enzymes, and /or structures. The focus of the report should be on describing the virulence factors that fulfill the 5 Requirements of Infection. More information on this can be found in Chapter 11 of your textbook and some organisms are further covered in the last chapters of the text. I would definitely recommend reading about your organism in the textbook and using it as one of your 3 sources. You may find that certain structures fulfill multiple requirements or that there are several ways a bacterium can fulfill a requirement. This is completely normal and you can mention virulence factors in more than one place! This should not be an outline of symptoms or treatments as these have nothing to do with how your organism fulfills the requirements of infection. You maymention symptoms but only in the context of fulfilling some of the requirements (for example, inflammation caused by_____leads to ____) OR NOT AT ALL.
PowerPoint or similar display mechanism including SIX slides total (No more/No less).
You may include informative images in your powerpoints but DO NOT over-crowd the slides or use images for shock value!
Slide #1:
Title: Name of the organism – Entry
Describe how your organism gains entry to the host.
Slide #2:
Title: Name of the organism – Establishment
Describe how your organism gains a stable foothold on the host. What prevents the organism from being “flushed out” by normal host mechanisms? How is it “holding on”?
Slide #3:
Title: Name of the organism – Defeating the Host Defenses
Describe how your organism prevents the immune system from destroying it.
Slide #4:
Title: Name of the organism – Damaging the Host
What makes this organism disease-causing? What does it do that negatively impacts the host cells or tissues?
Slide #5:
Title: Name of the organism – Transmissibility
How does the organism exit the host on its way to a new host? Does it move from one host to the next?
Don’t be alarmed if this is very similar to your entry section.
Slide #6: Works Cited
Any references used should be cited in APA format.
You should have a minimum of 3 sources.
Any images that you use should be cited as well and are not considered sources for information.
You may use your textbook as a source as well as reputablewebsites. (No Wikipedia!)
All names of organisms should be stated with correct binomial nomenclature. You will receive a 2 point deduction if ALL of your names are not correctly written!
Your report must be submitted to the ASSIGNMENTS TAB (D2L) on the due date. Submissions should be saved and submitted in PDF format with the following naming format Lastname, firstname section name of organism!
Late submissions will be accepted but, there will be a 2 point deduction for each day that it is late. These will be checked for plagiarism. High plagiarism scores that demonstrate obvious “cut and paste” work will automatically receive a grade of zero (0)!

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