Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to train in identifying messages arou

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to train in identifying messages around us that are antithetical to the vocation of love. By identifying these messages and their sources we will mitigate their influence and be more equipped to act in love.
Instructions: Last week we read about a French Carmelite nun named Thérèsa of Lisieux who discovered that “love comprised all vocations” so that she could say, “My vocation is love!” But love is only one of the many cultural values expressed in the messages around us. There seem to be just as many messages promoting competition with our neighbor, fear of our neighbors, demonstrations of power over others, and in extreme cases, xenophobia that drives our understanding of who we are in the world, and who others are as well.
To complete this assignment, you will do the following:
First observe culture closely and search out these negative, divisive, unloving messages wherever they appear. Find three sources of these negative cultural messages (whether in printed text, as an image, as a video, in advertising, in song lyrics, or in political speeches, etc.). Find three separate messages that promote the antithesis of “love your neighbor as yourself.”
Second, write a 500-750 word explanation of how these three messages influence the receivers of these messages. What are they hoping to accomplish? Who is “the others” these messages target? And who is harmed by these specific messages? How do they contradict the messages of loving our neighbor as someone to value, instead of someone to be victorious over?
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