Published within the last 5 years Published in a peer-reviewed journal (click th

Published within the last 5 years
Published in a peer-reviewed journal (click the peer-reviewed box when searching; no dissertations)
You must choose a research study focused on flow (a.k.a. flow state, full engagement, optimal experience, peak experience, or hyperfocused).
Second source must be the book:
Positive Psychology: Established and Emerging Issues by Dana S. Dunn
(I uploaded the chapters that you need to use)
paper should include the following information in three paragraphs: (1) a description of
the study (purpose/hypothesis, sample characteristics, measures description, main findings), (2)
an explanation of why the study was of interest to you, with relevant and concrete connections
to personal experience, and (3) a minimum of TWO distinct connections between the study
findings and course materials (cited and referenced).
Criteria Met
All No
Criteria Met Criteria Met
5 4 3 2 1 0
Demonstrates accurate and
relevant use of positive
psychology terminology.
Application & Synthesis
Generalizes information
from course materials and
applies appropriately to
issue. Makes at least 2
distinct connections (cited
and referenced).
Shares unique example,
counterargument, or critique
(i.e., response to prompt
goes beyond information in
course materials).
Responds substantively to
all elements of prompt (min.
400 words), but maintains
clear and direct focus to
stay below word maximum
(max. 600 words).
Writing Proficiency
Uses flawless organization,
grammar, mechanics, and
APA format (7th edition).

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