Psychological Disorder Stigma Analysis The fourth short analysis will require yo

Psychological Disorder Stigma Analysis
The fourth short analysis will require you to analyze a character from a movie or
television show that displays symptoms or behaviors associated with one of the psychological
disorders from your reading. Use this template to guide both your assignment formatting and the
content development of your response. The content from this short response should contain two
full paragraphs and observations that address the following:
 How is your character portrayed in your selected television show or movie?
o What are the character’s behaviors, interactions, or mental state like?
o What do you feel were some of the factors that predisposed your character to his
or her psychological disorder?
 Can you think of any accurate depictions of mental illness in the media? Please do not use
the examples presented in the video.
o If yes, what about this portrayal is realistic?
o If not, why do you feel the mentally ill are stigmatized in such a negative manner?
 How do you think fictious portrayals of psychological disorders affect attitudes,
perceptions, and understanding of psychology or mental disorders?
As a reminder, those questions above are guides to help you develop your response in well-
constructed paragraphs. Your response should not be formatted in bullet point form, nor should
the prompted questions be included in your final submission. If using a direct quote, you must
include an APA in-text citation. For example, “A social role is a pattern of behavior that is
expected of a person in a given setting or group” (as cited in Spielman et al., 2020, Self-
presentation section). Double check that your paragraph’s content meets the requirements
specified on the assignment instructions.

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