Podcast Episode 22: What Do You Have Against Dads? (alliance1.org) PODCAST ANALY

Podcast Episode 22: What Do You Have Against Dads? (alliance1.org)
Listening to the Dialogue: Podcast Analysis (should be assigned on or about Chapter 13,
however, corresponds with the information in chapters 9-11, 12, 13, & 14)
a. MSW only-10 points (6 points for PowerPoint (PPT), 4 for response in discussion)
b. Purpose and Rationale for this assignment: social media is a very influential medium
to receive information, shape opinions, and hear critical conversations that reflect
multiple views. The podcast analysis assignment provides students the opportunity
to demonstrate several critical thinking skills necessary for problem-solving social
issues including 1) analytical skills by examining the main and sub-arguments of the
podcast, 2) synthesize the information to inform action towards problem-solving,
and 3) evaluate the information for relevance to solving the social problem.
c. Directions: In this assignment, students will select one interview from a relevant and
current podcast that addresses current issues regarding either anti-racism, structural
inequalities, or social problem related to macro social work practice. Students will
develop a narrated PowerPoint presentation that will be posted in Canvas for all
students to review and discuss as a form of professional development. No duplicate
podcasts are allowed to be presented. Podcast topics will be picked no later than
week 4 and documented via a Discussion Board to avoid duplication. The narrated
PPT should be no more than 5 minutes and cover the following:
• A brief overview of the topic
• Why was the speaker picked to discuss the issue? (How is this person(s) a leader or
expert in the field?)
• How does this podcast speak to informing social work macro practice?
• What is(are) the main points of the podcast?
• What are the implications for macro practice?
• Explain if you agree or disagree with the main point of the podcast?
• What might have been left out or not addressed?
• How does this podcast build or strengthen social work knowledge or macro practice?
Macro Social Work
Practice Working for Change in
a Multicultural Society

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