Please write an essay relating the case study “AIG – Blame for bailout” with the

Please write an essay relating the case study “AIG – Blame for bailout” with the Schwartz ehtical culture 2013 document that I uploaded. Please write along the line of the instructions below.
All the documents with the sources for the essay are uploaded below. Please use only those articles and relate them to each other while writing a story line about the corporate scandal “AIG – Blame for bailout”
Your good work is much appreciated and if you have any questions please let me know.
Thank you in advance!
Instructions Final Individual Assignment
Pick up a corporate scandal, ideally financial but not necessary
– Explore the case in-depth
Assess its corporate culture along the parameters of Schwartz 2013
Discuss the relevance of corporate culture to the scandal in light of
– Individual free riders
– Market context (competition, regulation, demand) – Firm’s economic performance
– Other factors you deem relevant
Final Individual Assignment
• Substance
– Leverage from Schwartz 2013 and further research (additional literature)
– Analysis > Description
– Analysis based on use of conceptual tools. Not about your opinion
• Presentconcepts • Apply concepts
• Format
– No need of long summaries
– Structure, cohesion, coherence
– Formatting, use of language, style, quotations, references
Final Individual Assignment
1500-2000 words
No plagiarism (obvious, right?) / Automated check
Use references where appropriate
Tips for excellent essays
Dig deep into topic by researching further bibliography
Create a story line: structure your arguments
Look for cohesion & coherence of the narrative
Conclusion: summarizes key highlights, outlines further questions to explore
Formatting, use of language, quotations, references

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