Please respond to each post below. In your response to others, suggest another

Please respond to each post below.
In your response to others, suggest another environment, profession, or way the tool they described could be used.
David L.
I’ve worked in the Information Technology field for a quite a while as a computer support specialist. One of the tools that has come in handy for me in installing computers is affectionately known as the “Fox and Hound” or Tone Generator. What this tool does is enable a technician to track down where network ports are installed from a company’s Main Distribution Framing Room (MDF) to the network jacks where they are plugged into in a location such as an office with cubicles. The tool is normally a 2 piece mechanism, one being the part that generates the tone and the other the part that seeks said tone. Normally I used this tool to trace network connections coming from the MDF to a cubicle, network printer or office that had network jacks that were either mislabeled, misidentified or were having network connection issues in some way, shape or form. Another role in IT that could use this tool are Computer Network Architects. This role is primarily responsible for designing and building computer networks within a company and the tone generator is helpful device in ensuring these connections are routed properly.
Zolton B.
For me one of the best tools I have come across is the installation software package, available online for a variety of software products. These “packages” of drivers, pathway’s and updates designed for a wide range of operating systems do a great deal to remove much of the complexity associated with installing new hardware intended to work within a network and link to (commonly) older elements within that network (like a PC) or software. In one such instance, I needed to install new navigational software on a PC used for expressly the purpose of displaying that same navigation software and although I could download the software from the vendor, the charts would not update unless the activation driver uploaded them into the “bank” of chart books in the catalog. Thankfully, the vendor had all of the required installation drivers free of charge with a product key.
I would think that an IT professional would be able to use these tools via a remote access tool to uninstall software improperly installed without the correct drivers and render the software or piece of hardware useful to the customer. I use these driver packages all the time when systems or software needs updating or to install new material outright.

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