Please provide your written analysis for the questions 1-4 below. This method is

Please provide your written analysis for the questions 1-4 below.
This method is called the “IRAC” analysis.
For this assignment, you will need to have 1 reference page.
Please note that for each question you will need to provide a separate “IRAC” Analysis.
Please provide a separate heading for each question (ie. Question 1 IRAC).
Make sure that you include and label the Issue, Rule, Application of the Rule and the Conclusion for each question.
Incomplete analysis of questions will result in a deduction of points.
Glen is a director and shareholder of Eagle Corporation and of Fine Products, Inc. A resolution comes before the Eagle board to compete with Fine Products. What is Glen’s responsibility?
Todd is a director and officer of United Sales, Inc. Todd makes a market­ing decision that results in a dramatic decrease in profits for United and its shareholders. The shareholders accuse Todd of breaching his fiduci­ary duty to the corporation. What is Todd’s best defense against this ac­cu­sation? Later, a resolution comes before the United board to compete with VeriFine Products, Inc. Todd is a director and shareholder of VeriFine. What is Todd’s responsibility in this situation?
Drew is an officer of Energy Fuel, Inc. Drew knows that an Energy engi­neer recently developed a new, inexpensive method for converting hy­dro­gen into fuel. Drew takes advantage of this information to buy Energy stock from Gert and, after the discovery is announced, to sell the stock to Holly at a profit. Gert claims that this is a violation of federal law. Is Gert correct? If so, what federal law has Drew violated? If not, has Drew vio­lated any law?
Standard Corporation is a public company whose shares are traded in public securities markets. Standard’s officers want to set up and main­tain a system of “good corporate governance.” What is “ corporate govern­ance”? What is its practical significance? What, at a minimum, should a “good” system of corporate governance include?

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