Please answer these topics in a understandable, relevant and adequate info: 1.

Please answer these topics in a understandable, relevant and adequate info:
1. Functions and roles of the financial system in the global economy.
2. Financialization of the world economy.
3. Financial vs. Non-financial assets in the economy.
4. Types and functions of money in the economy. Money holders and issuers.
5. Company financing sources.
6. Global equity markets.
7. Global debt markets.
8. Global FX market.
9. Types and scope and of international accounts of a country.
10. The Balance of payments (BOP) role and structure.
11. International investment position (IIP) role and structure.
12. Types of payment systems. Credit and debit transfers.
13. Methods of payment in international trade.
14. Concepts of international reserves and foreign currency liquidity.
15. Size, distribution and composition of global foreign currency reserves.
16. The nature and extent of financial globalization
17. Capital flight and illicit financial flows.
18. Goals and tools of the monetary policy.
19. Goals and tools of the fiscal policy.
20. International monetary system overview.
21. The evolution of the global monetary system
22. Contemporary international financial architecture.
23. Financial crises and instability.
24. Proposed and on-going reforms of the international financial architecture.
25. Financial Reporting overview
26. The basics of policy making in the area of financial regulation
27. International financial institutions
28. International Investing
29. International debt financing
30. Foreign direct investment decisions and structural choices for foreign market entry

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