Pick two of the essays below and answer them. In the essays, you need to demonst

Pick two of the essays below and answer them. In the essays, you need to demonstrate a sufficient knowledge of historical themes, historical facts, specific historical events and key individuals. You should be able to answer each essay in about 600 words (that’s about 5-6 paragraphs). In each essay, you must provide at least two quotations or citations from readings (or the documentaries) that were assigned during the semester (do not use sources that were not assigned). Be sure to read the questions/prompts carefully. Ideally submit final exam essays on blackboard as only one document (meaning put your two essays in one document and submit it). I should be able to identify which essays you are answering, but good if you make it clear (for example if you answer essay 1 and 3, put “essay 1” and “essay 3” before each essay). It is due Sunday June 13, but you can submit earlier then that). If you submit it after that, it will have a very negative impact on your grade.
What has been the experience of black New Yorkers, other people of color, and immigrants to NYC from 1900 to the present? In your essay, be sure to discuss when these different groups moved to NYC during this period, what obstacles and difficulties they faced, and in what ways they organized to improve their situation. What are some examples of different forms of culture (music, art, and literature) in this period that were created by people of color and immigrants?
One way of looking at NYC’s history from 1900 to the present is to see it as period where there have been moments of progress (i.e., periods when economy was good and working-class New Yorkers and other oppressed groups such as members of the LBGTQ community did better) and moments of decline when these groups did less well and the gap between the rich and poor grew. What were moments of progress in this period? What were periods when regression, decline, and economic crisis? What explains why the city went into financial and economic crisis at certain points?
What do you think are four of the most significant challenges facing NYC today? Discuss each of them. What can we learn from our city’s history to help explain those challenges and how we might best address them?

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