Personal Development Paper – Worth 12% This is a reflection in regard to your o

Personal Development Paper – Worth 12%
This is a reflection in regard to your own thoughts and feelings in regard to your own personal development from birth till present time. There could also be a focus on a specific time in your life. You may also want to compare and contrast how you think differently in your current stage of development compared to the past or how you feel you might think in the future. Example: If you were to focus on adolescence, you could write about your first experiences with peer pressure as opposed to how you feel now in regard to peer pressure. The topics to be chosen are wide and vast but make sure your thoughts and ideas arrive in a clear concise manner. Your paper should relate to material from the class and text.
The paper should be Font 12, 800 to 1000 words in length and should contain a beginning/introduction, a middle development and an end/conclusion.
Evaluation of Paper – Pass or Fail
Were the guidelines followed? ie. Word count at end, 800 to 1000 words, Font 12, beginning middle and end of paper, etc….
Was proper grammar used? Are there typos?
Don’t use slang or street talk.
Don’t turn in something that is a piece of junk or it will result in an F on the paper. If you have trouble writing, please use the ASC (Academic Success Center) in the YLRC 105. Papers that have numerous grammatical errors will result in an F on the paper.
If the assignment is not turned in on time, 2% points will be taken off, regardless of excuse.
For every week that passes, after the week following the due date, another point will be taken off. (Ie. If the assignment is turned in 3 weeks after the due date, a total of 4% points would be taken off. 2% for missing the initial due date and 2% for turning it in 3 weeks later). These are percentage points that are taken from the final grade.
Your paper should be submitted via Canvas. If it is not received by 11:59 PM on the due date, it will be considered late. No excuses will be accepted. If you want to make sure it is turned in on time, turn it in early.

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