Part 1: Due June 4 Write an introductory email to a classmate in the forum (Par

Part 1: Due June 4
Write an introductory email to a classmate in the forum (Partners are listed below) as though you were applying for a job as a Shift Manager at Mcdonald’s according to the following job description:
Job Description
A McDonald’s Shift Manager is responsible for providing leadership to crew and other managers during a shift to ensure Guest demand is captured and great QSC is delivered to our Guest.
Shift Managers plan for each shift, run informative energetic shift huddles, energize the team throughout the shift, monitor performance during the shift, take action to meet the guest demand while ensuring that the team is meeting McDonald’s standards, monitor safety, security, and profitability and communicate with the next Shift Manager to help prepare him/her to run a great shift, too. Shift Managers are also responsible for meeting targets during their shifts and for helping their assigned Departments meet their goals.
· Previous experience of 2 to 3 years as a McDonald’s Shift Manager or as a Hospitality Manager is required.
· Must be available to work flexible shifts – Days – Evenings – Overnights – Weekends – Holidays
· Have the ability to work in a fast pace environment while providing excellent customer service.
· Possess a good understanding of labor costs and food costs.
· Have the ability to train, motivate and lead a team.
· Must have excellent leadership, organizational and multi-tasking skills.
· Possesses the ability to read, write and fluently speak in English.
· Qualified individuals must have a minimum Grade 12 education or the equivalent GED certification.
Use this link to help you with writing a formal business email:
You need to justify why you would be a good candidate based on your leadership traits and skills, as defined in Northouse (2019).
Part 2: Due June 6
Respond to your partner’s application as though you are in charge of hiring. Use the behavioral approach and situational approach to evaluate their competency for the role (Northouse, 2019).
You will be graded on:
grammar, spelling, sentence phrasing and punctuation.
demonstration of understanding of skills, traits, behavioural and situational approaches to leadership as outlined in the coinciding of the chapters of the Northouse (2019) text.

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