PART 1: 200 WORDS FOR PART 1 For this discussion, you’ll investigate Aristotle’s

For this discussion, you’ll investigate Aristotle’s “Three Proofs”–ethos, pathos, and logos. Aristotle argues that each needs to be in place for an argument to be truly effective. Give one example of where have you seen each method of persuasion used in advertising–either print, online, or in video.
Start by defining each of the proofs using the readings or other research you might add. Use and cite sources to help build your credibility in the definitions. Then put the ideas into your own words. How do you understand these ideas?
Introduce one advertising example each for ethos, pathos and logos. Of these three ads, which were effective in their persuasion? Which were ineffective? How can you discern the difference?
PART 2: Topic: Ratio Analysis
Ratio analysis is
important for a company to keep a close eye on what is happening within their
organization. It can bring to attention any weaknesses or strengths that may be
evolving. It is important when there is a red flag of weakness that it is investigated
to determine what must be repaired to bring it back to the positive.
The information
used in ratio analysis comes from the financial statements, and if that
information is not true to what is really happening, this will result in
erroneous ratios being analyzed. When performing a company analysis, you have
to assume that the given information is true and correct. If it is not, this
could affect the company’s bottom line.
Discuss at least
three limitations of ratio analysis.

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