Page 1 or slide 1: Title page or title slide written in APA 7th edition format

Page 1 or slide 1:
Title page or title slide written in APA 7th edition format with the project name and
Team Name (including all team members names).
Page or slide 2:
Identify the teams’ choice of a leader. List all Team member’s names and their responsibilities (please designate someone to interact with your NITP discussion
question responses in the discussion).
Page or slide 3:
Identify the teams’ chosen real or assumed problem from a team member’s job site, an identified NI problem in your textbook, or a nursing informatics trend. When you
identify the agreed upon problem, you should create this project as if the team is going to solve the problem or make a change in the organization based on the
Phase 2, your final NITP submission should include:
your completed NITP can be a word document/report, with a minimum of five (5)
APA 7th ed formatted information pages, including one title & one reference page.
Use the information in Ch. 12, System Design Life Cycle: A Framework, in your
Essentials of Nursing Informatics 7th ed. textbook by Saba & McCormick; Valencia’s
library (or any college library); ask your facilities nursing informaticist questions;
and the internet for reliable peer-reviewed, researched information on nursing
informatics ITsources. Using these resources can help you find an already existing
resolve to your identified problem which you can build on.
The following topics should be addressed in your NITP:
Background information related to the problem: How did you determine an
existing/assumed problem could be addressed or a requirement solved with the
development or implementation of an EHR or other system application? What are
benefits of addressing the existing/assumed problem the requirement? Provide
scholarly support.
Planning Phase/Project Scope:
The Planning Phase defines the
 Problem is stated in a concise statement of 1 real or assumed problem.
 Customers or stakeholders
 Team members, executive sponsors
 Scope of project should state the project purpose and goal(s), should identify the
software system design to be reviewed, and should include a timeline graph/table
for the project.
Through literature research or your work site, provide answers to the Feasibility Study
questions (p201 in your Essentials of Nursing Informatics 7th ed. textbook by Saba &
Analysis Phase:
The Analysis Phase evaluates existing data for
 Mortality & morbidity
 Order set usage
 Current workflow–Current evidence
 Customer perspective
Provide answers to system proposal questions (here you will have to review a
software system to provide the answers):
 How will the proposed EHR solution correct or eliminate the problems and/or
accomplish the stated goals?
 What are the anticipated costs?
 How long will it take?
Through literature, the software system website, the software system
representative, or your worksite, provide data to support the identified problem.
Design Phase: Provide an overview of the software system design which will
address your identified problem.
The Design Phase
 Provides a brief overview of the software system design.
Two (2) scholarly questions related to your project for discussion by your
peers. Consider reviewing the course objectives and using Blooms for appropriate
terminology to create two questions related to your project. Include the questions
with the Submit NITP (Phase 2) Final here assignment, and post the 2 questions in
the Final –
Post NITP Phase 2 with 2-discussion questions for peer replies with your NITP,
APA 7th ed formatted reference list
If you’ve questions, please ask!!

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