Overview I am using this assignment to assess whether you understand the criteri

I am using this assignment to assess whether you understand the criteria for effective movement building in Chenoweth and Stephan Actions, Hirsch Actions and Ben-Moshe Actions
well enough to apply it to a movement resisting the structural violence described by Alexander and de Leon. You will not automatically get full credit for this, as you do for Practice Assignments.
In this assignment, you will evaluate the current state of your movement and use that evaluation to argue for which tactic can start being implemented in Week 8 to achieve “Collective Empowerment.” While you (and/or your CR group) may ultimately choose to implement a different tactic in Week 8, I want to see that you can bring together your nuanced understanding of the impacts of the structural and direct violence described by Alexander and de Leon with a clear understanding of the elements of an effective movement. While Chenoweth and Stephan will clarify what makes a civil resistance movement effective and Hirsch will clarify what makes a political solidarity movement effective, Ben-Moshe will also be very helpful in explaining why the particular kind of structural violence and your particular ideology about it will determine which kinds of tactics you implement at that moment.
This assignment includes both Basic Requirements (which you must have in order to have your work graded) and Assessment Criteria (which will determine your grade)
Basic Requirements
This should be a 250-750 word document
List a minimum of three possible tactics that your CR group has discussed
Cite (parenthetically AND in a Works Cited) at least one new source (this can be from personal communications, Google searches, or peer reviewed articles) describing related tactics
Proposes a specific tactic for the CR group to implement as a form of “Collective Empowerment”
This is an individual assignment, but students are encouraged to share sources, discuss tactics, and brainstorm the assignment together
Assessment Criteria
(2pts) Accurately applies the relevant criteria from Chenoweth and Stephan
(2pts) Accurately applies the relevant criteria from Hirsch
(2pts) Accurately applies the relevant criteria from Ben-Moshe
(2pts) Incorporates examples or concepts from Alexander and/or de Leon that strengthen the analysis of the structural violence and/or resistance
(2pts) Compellingly evaluates the costs of of the proposed tactics for both the movement and the structure being resisted
my topic before:
A short description of what local experiences of structural violence you hope to resist
What I want to discuss is the issue of racism between different races, as I mentioned in the final work of 11A about the structural violence I suffered and the feeling of being offended.
A sentence explaining how you see that violence overlapping with the violence described in this quarter’s course materials (mention Alexander or de Leon)
In life, people of different races experience unfair treatment in all parts of life, such as when looking for a job, such as when going to a restaurant to eat.
An idea about how you and a small group of students could actually make a small but effective change this quarter (mention at least one criteria from either Chenoweth and Stephan or Hirsch that is shaping how your idea about what “effective resistance” looks like)
In our university, there are a variety of different races, and racial diversity can be reflected in our university.
List 5-10 people that you could invite to participate in your first consciousness raising meeting in Week 4 or 5
my Chinese friends Damon Li, my math teacher Dr. Ahmed
Write a very short explanation of the point of this consciousness raising meeting that you expect to put in the email or text you send out to invite people
I want to change people’s prejudice against different races, at least the people around me, the people I can reach, can treat every race equally

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