Overview: Environmental Law issues can develop at any time. Sometimes they aris

Environmental Law issues can develop at any time. Sometimes they arise day by day
and other issues have been left unresolved for twenty years or more. We ask you to
pick an environmental issue and research it throughout the term. We all must be aware
of current and past environmental issues to help protect life and our shared habitat.
As you start to investigate the Environmental Law field, you will find many topics of
interest. This research project will be a topic that interests you in the Environmental Law
field pertaining to environmental issues, many of which are discussed as part of this
course. The final research project is due in Unit 7.
• You can take an informational approach, where you neutrally discuss both sides of an
environmental issue or take a position
on the issue and support your reasons for your
position in opposition to the other side.
• Use the required text, links from any of the Units, or websites as a guide to
identify your topic.
• Choose a topic in the Environmental Law field.
• Explain in a paragraph why you are interested in this topic.
• Discuss the current state of your topic in the Environmental field as well as some
of the unresolved or controversial issues that might be present.
• Identify a minimum of 5 resources that you will use in your research project.
• Provide the APA reference and a short summary of each and how it is relevant to
your research project topic.

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