Now is the time for you to take the reigns and make up your own assignment. Esta

Now is the time for you to take the reigns and make up your own assignment. Establish a research topic based on any of the themes that are in our book, utilizing one or more of the readings in our book as an anchor to get your started. Develop any topic that interests you; your paper must be thesis driven, just like your regular essays. You have the freedom to choose your topic, but it should be able to generate some critical thought and research. Your essay should deal with some social, cultural, or political issue, especially considering the time in which we find ourselves. Take into consideration what COVID has done to the economy and what it has exposed about education and humanity. You can also research the controversy behind the different vaccine and masks mandates, and what history says about it. You can also look up matters concerning pop culture. Topics like euthanasia, adoption, abortion, war, same sex marriage, death penalty, marijuana, and gun control are overdone, so please try to avoid these; however, if you have a new spin on an old topic, lets talk about it. Also feel free to run something past me before you start researching and writing.
Research Paper Pieces
Proposal 5/11
Outline 5/18
Works Cited Page 5/27
Research Paper 6/3
When I read the research papers for the first time, I check specific things to make sure the paper meets minimum standards. Any paper that does not have at least all of these items will not receive a passing grade:
5-7 pages not counting your Works Cited page
A minimum of 6 sources and a maximum of 8 from at least three different types of media; for instance, you can have three books, one article from a peer reviewed journal and one article from a magazine
Use at least two sources from a peer reviewed journal and at least one other source from one of the databases. These are the items that can be found on Academic Search Premier and other databases RCC subscribes to.
No more than two online sources. Online books and sources from reputable magazines and newspapers are not considered online sources.
Your sources must have been published no earlier than 2013. However, you can use older texts as references not actual sources for your paper.
Effective use of your sources: use a combo of quotes, paraphrases and summary. Do not under nor overuse your sources
All sources on Works Cited page are cited within the text
All sources cited within the text are on the Works Cited page
Sources correctly cited
Introduction w/clear thesis statement
Supporting body paragraphs w/clear topic sentences
Clear transitions between sentences and paragraphs
Organized work
Of course, there are other items that may lead to a poor or failing grade: excessive spelling or grammatical errors and incorrect quoting, paraphrasing or summarizing. However, usually a paper will receive a passing grade if it meets the above-mentioned minimum requirements.
I will not tolerate plagiarism at any level, so if I suspect any type of dishonest conduct, I will investigate your piece of writing before I render my decision as to what action(s) to take next. Be wise in how you use your quotations because it is still your paper, and your voice should be dominant in the work and not that of other authors. I know the difference between deliberate plagiarism and a simple oversight. If you are unsure how to cite something, ask.

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