NOTE: This assignment requires 1 post(at least 175 words) and 2 replies(at least

NOTE: This assignment requires 1 post(at least 175 words) and 2 replies(at least 50 words each AND a minimum of 3 full sentences). The student post to reply to are the screenshots just pick any two. I have also included a previous discussion to use as a template for this one.
in this module’s DB topic, I’m going to twist your brain to make you
think a bit differently through consideration of conversion frameworks,
which are a structured approach for increasing website conversion rates.
While these are often used to improve sales copy, they can be seen
in a more general sense toward any type of copy you’re putting forth on
your site. Here, we’ll use this example:
C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) – 2a
This is not a lesson in physics, but a conversion formula. Translation:
C = Probability of conversion
m = Motivation of user (when)
v = Clarity of the value proposition (why)
i = Incentive to take action
f = Friction elements of process
a = Anxiety about entering information
The probability of conversion depends on the match between the offer
and visitor motivation + the clarity of the value proposition +
(incentives to take action now – friction) – anxiety. The numbers next
to each character signify their importance of them.
In Garrett’s
discussion of the strategy plane, he poses product/organization
objectives vs. user needs and how the two should not be in opposition,
but considered together and designs should follow accordingly. In your
post, discuss how this particular conversion formula fits with Garrett’s
idea of the strategy plane.
Garrett Chapter 3
“Summary: Our analysis of 112 minimalist websites revealed the
defining features of minimalism: flat design, limited color schemes, few
UI elements, use of negative space, and dramatic typography.”
“Summary: Tell your story on top-level pages in ‘About Us.’ People
who trust you are much more open to engaging with your organization and
Section 1 of our Felder text underscores how writing impacts an audience: this article demonstrates that.

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