Need an argument essay using the 6 resources provided in the annotated bibliogra

Need an argument essay using the 6 resources provided in the annotated bibliography that is included. Please follow the annotated bibliography in that each resource summary has the specific information needed for the essay. Resources all accessible in attached annotated bibliography.
Below is the grading rubric
Argument Research Essay Full Assignment with Weekly Building Steps Schedule
*Please note that you will not write the full essay itself until Week 5. This guidelines sheet is intended to help you understand how the steps you take in Weeks 1-4 feed into the final paper requirements and to lay out for you the process, in Weeks 5-7, of writing and revising the paper.
The Full Essay Assignment (first full draft due in Week 5, and final draft due in Week 7)
Your Argument Research Paper will present your argumentative claim, or stance, on a specific, focused, debatable topic. The final draft will demonstrate the argument, writing, and revision techniques studied in the course and will build upon the steps you will have taken in previous weeks toward thoroughly and carefully revising your Argument Research Paper Draft, originally composed and submitted in Week 5.
Writing Requirements for the Argument Research Essay First Draft, Due in Week 5, and for the Argument Essay Final Draft, Due in Week 7
· Correct use of APA guidelines for the following:
o Headers with pagination
o Title Page
o Margins, spacing, and paragraph indentation
o APA in-text citation and referencing for all sources
o Do not divide your essay into sections.
o Do not use headings within your paper to indicate changes in topic. While longer APA essays and particular types of APA writing, such as scholarly articles, employ APA-style bolded headings to divide portions of the writing, you are writing a shorter academic essay. Your shift from one paragraph to the next should be signaled through your use of the effective transition and topic sentence rules we have practiced.
· 6-8 full pages for the essay itself, not including title page or reference
· Effective structure, including your introduction paragraph, your body paragraphs, and your conclusion paragraph
· Use of third-person throughout. Focus on the topic, not on you nor on the essay. In other words: no first-person “I,” and no referring to the essay, such as “In this essay.”
· At least 5 scholarly sources visibly used, cited, and referenced

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