Look over the responses your peers have posted before you choose your objective.

Look over the responses your peers have posted before you choose your objective.
Then, choose one of the objectives for Exam 2 listed below that has not already been addressed by any of the other posts. If all objectives have been addressed, choose one and expand on what someone else said, discussing things from another perspective, or parts they did not cover. You may find it helpful to do a quick initial post that “reserves your topic,” then write the post up as a reply to your initial post, that way, you do not lose points for repeated topics.
Start a new discussion thread (do not reply to someone else for your initial post).
Start your post with a sentence describing the objective you will be covering – Even if you are doing a video, infographic or other post type, your post should start with text that clearly states the objective you are covering in the first line of your post (I will be covering Week 1 objective 1….).
Find a current article, published within the last year, that relates to real world applications of the objective that you are covering, and include an APA formatted citation for the article.
Provide a summary of what you have learned about the objective from the article and how the course objective relates to the real world topic.
End your post with a question or two about something(s) you did not understand and would like a classmate to help you with. This will help the discussion follow up process.
Format for discussion:
1. Typed Objective you are Covering
2. APA citation for the article
3. Summary relating objective to a real-world topic
4. Review question

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