))Let’s think and talk about the trend of cohabitation. While for many the trend

))Let’s think and talk about the trend of cohabitation. While for many the trend of cohabitation is something quite normal and encouraged and something some of you are and will participate in, for others and even in academic circles there are still considerations and caution. Thus, we are having a conversation…
First, review chapters 5 (The section entitled, “The Final Filter: Cohabitation and Engagement”) and 6 and at least TWO of the following listed articles of your choosing that you will need to incorporate and use in your post (for a total of three resources: the textbook and two of the required articles). You may also do some of your own research as well BUT remember to make sure they are credible sources (e.g., empirical studies or reputable sources of information like the Pew Research Center). Please note this would be an addition to the two required articles from the list below and the textbook:
The Atlantic: The Marriage Problem: Why Many Are Choosing Cohabitation Instead (https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/02/the-marriage-problem-why-many-are-choosing-cohabitation-instead/252505/)
Time: How shacking up before marriage affects a relationship’s success (https://time.com/20386/how-shacking-up-before-marriage-affects-a-relationships-success/)
Psychology Today: Should you move in together or not? (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/meet-catch-and-keep/201407/should-you-move-in-together-or-not)
The Atlantic: The Science of Cohabitation: A Step Toward Marriage, Not a Rebellion (https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/03/the-science-of-cohabitation-a-step-toward-marriage-not-a-rebellion/284512/#disqus_thread)
Institute for Family Studies: Cohabitation is Pervasive (https://ifstudies.org/blog/cohabitation-is-pervasive)
Pew Research Center: Marriage and Cohabitation in the U.S. (https://www.pewresearch.org/social-trends/2019/11/06/marriage-and-cohabitation-in-the-u-s/)
Based on your review of chapter 6 (and even other chapters like chapter 5 of our text that include cohabitation), the articles you chose, and thinking over your observations and maybe experience, answer the following…
Part A:
What are your views and perspective concerning cohabitation from your perspective based on the chapter readings, chosen articles, and also maybe personal experience?
Why has cohabitation become so normative and what has changed?
Discuss what you learned and what stood out to you from the two resources you chose and the textbook readings (please remember to provide multiple points from each article).
Based on your resources and the textbook, in what ways can cohabitation be helpful and harmful?
Be sure to discuss/apply the articles you chose and the chapter to support and explain your conclusions–this is critical to ALL coursework.
Part B:
Based on what you have learned from the research, any personal experience/observations, beliefs/values, and the resources you chose about cohabitation, what would you share and advise a friend who is considering cohabiting with their partner and comes to you for your thoughts as they contemplate this very important decision? This is a very important decision and should be made with understanding and wisdom. Course Application is expected in your response.
As indicated in the articles and chapter, consider the following areas to bring up and share with a friend your feelings and beliefs about cohabitation, finances, the future of the relationship, motivation and reason to move in together, and family and friends’ views, religious beliefs, social time and leisure activities, what are the non-negotiables, chores, hobbies, pet peeves, pets, what happens if someone wants out, renting versus buying, purchases (shared or buy things separately), should they create a cohabitation contract, potential pregnancy, etc.
In your replies, feel free to include your personal beliefs and experiences related to cohabiting in addition to incorporating through discussion and points of application from the resources and textbook to assert your views and conclusions.
Post your original response and 4 peer responses below by clicking on reply.
As always, remember to:
Integrate course material from chapters 5 and 6 as well as your two chosen articles from the list provided into your post in addition to your personal views and/or experiences.
Be sure to proofread your work and that you addressed parts A and B before submitting your posts. No editing once you post to ensure academic integrity
Be sure to clearly and properly cite your sources throughout your post and provide a reference list at the end in APA format.
Respond to 4 others in the conversation and share your views about what they shared, ask questions, or even critique their responses. The goal is to move the conversation forward and provide thoughtful feedback.
Keep in mind: your original post to this prompt is worth up to 10 points and your 4 peer responses are worth up to 4 points (1 point for each response). This makes the total points for this discussion worth 14 points.

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