Kindly, Please prepare a RESEARCH PROPOSAL PRESENTATION and written research pr

Please prepare a RESEARCH PROPOSAL PRESENTATION and written research proposal following the outline of the attached “Framework-research proposal” word file including the attached other PDF (6 files) and PowerPoint (1 file) under-titled “Masdar”.
The title is “Achieving Aspired to Goals by Creating Sustainable Smart Cities (A Case Study of Masdar City)”
Please use the attached Masdar files and you can get the references as this research proposal is related to the sustainable community as this presentation is for Ph.D. students. So, kindly use high level.
You are required to write the research proposal, and presentation as follows:
Guideline for Research Proposal Presentation and written research proposal:
1- Research proposal (Format: WORD File, Length: Should be a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 15 pages in 1.5 spacing, excluding cover page): The research proposal should include a brief write-up for (a) Problem statement, (b) Research objectives & questions, (c) Significance of the study, (d) Literature review (ideally the last 5 years studies), (e) Methodology, (f) References and (f) Expected findings.
2- Powerpoint Slides/Presentation of research proposal presentation. Please prepare a professional PowerPoint with a great background and add photos of Masdar city to be attractive.
Also, write the notes and explanation under each slide (the way to present this topic in summary and details if possible).
I need a professional expression as my topic under sustainable community.
Please use the attached PowerPoint file undertitle “Masdar City draft-1” and please a need an excellent job on it who is specializing in proposal research for Ph.D. level. A very high professional level.

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