Journal: Personal Improvement Project Topic The aim of the Personal Improvement

Journal: Personal Improvement Project Topic
The aim of the Personal Improvement Project is to experiment with a small change that is under your personal control; collect, analyze, and interpret data; and then reflect on what you have learned from your project about the general challenge of changing something. Through this multi-week project, you will see how the quality improvement process works in general and familiarize yourself with the tools used for healthcare QI. For this Journal, you will select and describe your Personal Improvement Project topic.
To Prepare:
Review the Neuhauser, Mhyre, and Alemi (2004) workbook in the Learning Resources. The workbook includes topic ideas, the general process to follow, and example charts.
Select an area for personal improvement. For your project, you will need to initiate a change and then collect data to see whether you have improved. Some general examples are exercise and time management. Note that in Week 3 you will share your progress on this project with colleagues in Discussion, so please choose a topic that you are comfortable sharing.
Based on the topic area, determine the aim or goal of your project. What would you like to accomplish? How will you know that you have improved?
Journal (1 page)
Describe the topic and aim of your Personal Improvement Project. Explain why this improvement area is important to you and what you expect to gain from the data you will collect.
By Day 7 of Week 1
Submit your Journal.

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