Journal #1 LIB 220 Interpersonal Communication Journal Assignment Assign

Journal #1
LIB 220 Interpersonal Communication
Journal Assignment
Assignment Due Dates: Please see syllabus
Submission Method: On Blackboard. You will submit a total of six journal entries for the semester with each journal entry counting for a maximum of 5 points bringing the total value of the assignment to 30 points maximum
Point value: 30points (6 entries X 5 points each)
This assignment that encourages you to think about and apply material covered in the text to your relationships and activities. The journal ensures that you will think about issues and concepts that are particularly important in terms of the course.
Each journal entry should be approximately 1-2 pages in length. The assessment for each entry will focus on three criteria:
The ability to answer and address the specific prompt
The ability to bring in relative material from concepts and ideas discussed in the textbook
The quality of the writing including grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation.
The following are the six journal entry topics:
Topic 1 – Describe and analyze two communication rules in your family of origin. Trace how they affected patterns of interaction among family members. (See Ch. 1)

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