Introduction with background on the author and overall purpose of the book. Spec

Introduction with background on the author and overall purpose of the book.
Specific purpose statement describing the 3-4 main topics from the book you will expand on in your paper
A body paragraph for EACH of the 3-4 main topics you chose to focus on. In this section, you want to try and apply the concepts we are learning in the course, to critically evaluate the overall message of the author. This is also the section to describe the parts of the book you liked, the reasons you enjoyed it, and some of things you took away from the writing. YOU NEED TO INCLUDE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES FROM THE BOOK TO SUPPORT YOUR OPINIONS AND THOUGHTS. Please do not just write that, “I liked the book and thought it was well written” and then provide no examples of why. You need to discuss the content of the book using specific examples and topics that were discussed in the book. I am looking for the demonstration that you read this material and put critical thought into the importance, implications, applications, and how it relates to course material that we have discussed. (3-5 paragraphs, 15-30 Sentences)
Examples from the book that tie into, or are related to, material we have discussed in the course
Conclusion paragraph
Limited direct quotations from the book. I want you to use your own writing voice to express your thoughts
Page or location number references to specific examples from the book, that are discussed in the paper

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